Roadtripping in the USA

You’ve decided to go on a wonderful and extended a journey across the landscape of the United States by car! After a long transatlantic journey you’re finally ready to embark, but have you done everything you need to in order to make sure you’re going to have a safe and exciting journey?

While the United States is home to some of the largest cities in the world, it also encompasses some of the most beautiful, remote and almost inaccessible spots in the world.

One of the most important parts of your journey is in fact, your means of journeying. A reliable vehicle, one that is up for the most difficult aspects of your trip, is a prerequisite. If travelling to mountainous terrain, a 4 Wheel drive is essential, but if you are travelling across large stretches of plains in summer, a vehicle with a more robust air-conditioning system becomes the priority. When travelling to northern parts of the country in winter, snow chains are a necessary part of your kit. With sudden freezes capable of covering all roads in inches of ice overnight, the extra grip provided by chains means less time spent trapped in an embankment. Choose your vehicle carefully by doing research to find the best chive for you.


Online maps are incredibly convenient but not reliable in a limited power situation. If you find yourself with no charge on your phone, or more likely in the US no phone signal, having a backup set of maps on paper means you have one less thing to worry about. Paper maps have the added advantage of showing more of the region at once then a phones’ small screen could hope to. With a better sense of where you’re headed you can understand the lay of the land much more.


Another important addition to your journey is one that may sound dangerous at first but is in fact a common occurrence on the US roads. Having an extra two or 3 gallons of gas (petrol) can mean the difference between a long wait for a tow truck or a very long walk to the nearest gas station. Trucks and other vehicles will have a spare “Jerry can “mounted to the roof of their vehicle with bungee cords to keep it in place securely. These cans should not be kept inside the vehicle because they’re gases can be toxic to people breathing them. Always fill your gas can on the ground to prevent sparking due to static.

One more tip that can save on headaches as well as dollars is all about food. Certainly one major reason for your trip is to try the amazing foods you can find along the roads, but stopping every hour will give you more stress than progress. Finding snacks for in between meals doesn’t need to be done on the road but can in fact be done at key points along your trip by visiting the nearest grocery store. All kinds of items keep well on a road trip but some of the most nutritious and long lasting are carrots, peanut butter, peanuts, crisps celery and apples. All fairly self contained and with the exception of peanut butter not messy. These items can also be purchased cheaply anywhere in the country.


Happy adventuring!

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