Staycations: Adventures on your door step

You don’t need to go miles and miles away form home to have a good time. You might be surprised to find how many things there are to do and see within the bounders of your own county  or region if not in the large city you live in our are closest too. Many people say that their least favourite part of going on holiday is the actual travelling part, challenge yourself to spend your time off doing things that are within a reasonable day tripping distance instead of losing a day on a plane or boat. You might be surprised by the amount of fun there is to be had on your doorstep.


Give yourself lots of ideas for things to keep you occupied during your staycation by choosing a theme for your time off. One of our favourite ideas is committing to exploring the history of your area by going to local museums, taking a guided tour of a nearby landmark or attending a lecture series hosted by local experts. Making locally produced food your focus can make for a delicious staycation. Research up and coming chefs, spend more time than is necessary strolling though a farmers markets in the search for the perfect meal ingredients and find out if you can visit any local farms or artisan food makers.


Take a Mini City Break

Just because you have decided to have a staycation doesn’t mean you can’t have a vacation from your staycation! Spend a night or two in the heart of your nearest big city. Take in the night life without worrying about when the last bus home is. Stay in the city you go to work in for example and take the time to explore it at a leisurely place and stop in for a coffee at all those great places you never have time to explore more.

Stay tuned for part 2 of Staycations:  Adventures on your doorstep!

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