Staycations: adventures on your doorstep Part 2

And now for the thrilling conclusion of things you can do without leaving your home turf. Seeing photos of friends, family and Facebook acquaintances in far flung destinations can ignite the wanderlust bug in all of us but you truly can have fantastic adventures without crossing time zones. For the second part of this post I’m particularity concentrating on staycation ideas for the family. Long haul flights and toddler rarely mix well, so why not keep your sanity and bank balance intact  and try these ideas out instead?

Camp in Your Back Garden

Take advantage of any good weather you get during your staycation by turning  your back garden into a camp ground. Pitch a tent or if you feel confident about the weather forecast improvise the most amazing blanket fort ever that will make the perfect place to cozy down in for a night spent out under the stars. Your back garden is the most convenient spot for a camp out with little ones; easy access to your house means that members of your camping expedition can be safely tucked up in her real beds easily and swiftly should the need arise and you don’t need to worry about forgetting to bring anything. Plan to have a campfire style midnight snack or breakfast to make it an even more exciting activity. S’mores are a traditional American camping snack that is made by making a sandwich with a square of chocolate, a marshmallow that has been roasted over the campfire between two American style biscuit called a graham cracker. Recreate this classic gooey snack but give it a British twist be using digestives, rich tea biscuit or hobnobs in place of the graham cracker

Theme Park Fun Times

Depending on where you live you may have to travel a little bit further than you doorstep for this particular staycation idea, but boy will it be worth it! Britain has some truly fabulous theme parks that are ideal for the whole family. Why not use the money you save staycation-ing to have a blow out time at your favourite theme park? Alton Towers is a firm family favourite of ours; the littlest Coates love Cbeebies Land while our 13 year old is now tall enough to ride the BIG roller coasters (and couldn’t be happier with the fact!). To celebrate his achievement at hitting the big 1.4 metres, him and I went to Alton Towers by ourselves for an exciting father-son day out. We decide to splash out on fast track tickets thanks to a great deal on Alton Towers tickets that I found. Getting to skip the queues was almost as much fun as the rides themselves (for me anyway)!

Make Your Own Movie

This may sound ludicrously difficult but stick with me. Believe it or not more and more films are being shot on phones and there is no reason you can’t make you own. You can get free film editing apps or check to see if you already have it on your phone (looking at you iPhones). I’m not suggesting that you make a full length feature but recreating your child’s favourite fairy tale is perfectly doable with some advance planning. Get your kids involved from the beginning and pick out the key scenes- aim for 6 to start with. Choose nearby locations (not to mention you own home) and go arts and crafts crazy to make props and costumes.  Older child can lend a hand writing a script or if they aren’t quite at that stage simply direct from the sidelines. Once you are all done watch the premier of your film in style with a popcorn filled premier party!

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