Routes to take on your USA road trip

After reading over my tips for making your USA road trip a success you might be wondering where on earth you should trip to. Lets be honest, America is a big, big country. There are deserts, snow capped mountains, glorious sandy beaches and everything from tiny rural hamlets to some of the biggest and most bustling metropolitan ares in the world.

With so much to see and do you can be spoilt for choice when it comes to planning your route. Read on for routes that are on my travel bucket list. Each one brings you a different slice of American life and if you are felling really adventurous, why not combine a couple for a road trip of mammoth proportions.

Olympic National Park, Washington

The 101 highway loops around the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state and takes in some of the most stunning scenery of the Pacific North West. The Olympic National park is nestled in the heart of the peninsula and offers some of the best and most spectacular wilderness areas in the country.  Traversing the 101 is the only way to see it from all sides (unless you fancy multiple days of wilderness camping and extensive hiking that is). If you are visiting between October and May, bring snow chains for your vehicle to reach some of the higher roads and passes.  Plan your trip here.

The classic Route 66

Stretching from Chicago to LA this classic road trip is full of fantastic stops that will certainly give you something to write home about. While you can complete this trip in 2 weeks the best recommendations are to spend a month traversing this famous strip of highway to give yourself ample time to see all the sites and explore things that are off the beaten track. Click here for a map of this famous route.

Death Valley, California 

One of the hottest and driest places on earth, Death Valley can seem like an alien world, especially for those of use who hail from places where rain is an almost daily occurrence! Death Valley is a doable one day road trip to add on to a LA or Vegas outing but to see its most fascinating sights plan to spend two or three days in the area. An easy stop on your Death Valley Adventure is Artist Drive, a 9 mile drive that is fully paved (no need for a 4×4) and winds its way through gloriously coloured sediment rocks and outcroppings. If you are a golfer then don’t miss Furnace Creek Golf Course. It sits at 214 feet below sea level making it the worlds lowest elevation golf course.

This trio of trips is just a smattering of your many USA road trip options. I haven’t even touched on your East coast options. Wherever the road takes you have fun!



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