Tasty tips for eating out on holiday

In a recent survey people rated eating out as one of the most enjoyable aspects of being on holiday. Being able to try new food, visit local eateries and sample the flavours of the moment is a great way to spend your free time and is the perfect way to gain insight into a local culture. If you are a serious foodie why not research the best local chefs and plan a curated dinner tour of the city? Read on for other ideas of how to tickle your tourist tastebuds.

Market to Park Picnic

Not all meals need to be in a restaurant or cafe. Create a delicious picnic of local delicacy’s. Finding items to please your palette and satisfy your belly is easy. Start your day at a farmers markets, perusing the market stalls for all the ingredients to make a classic ploughman’s lunch. Pick up some freshly baked bread and pair it with a local cheese, an orchard fresh apple and a local pickle, mustard, or relish. After choosing a selection of delectable truffles from a local chocolate shop, grab a refreshing drink and then settle down at a near by beauty spot to enjoy a local feast of epic proportions.


In House Dining

Sometimes you arrive back at your hotel late a night after a long day of eventful sight seeing and you just don’t want o have to venture out onto the streets again. Dining at the on-site restaurant is a great low stress option with all the perks of a local eatery. If room service is available why not treat yourself to a decadent meal int he comfort of your own room.

Whether it is eggs and potatoes or a glass of wine with cheese before bed, most hotels will have a some way to help with your cravings. Remember to ask for the hours of the restaurant at check in, so you can plan accordingly.


Listen to the Local’s

Have you ever been stopped in the street by a stranger, who smiles and sheepishly asks you for a recommendation for a place to eat? If you have chances are you would smile back, and suggest your favourite spots to this total stranger and perhaps throw in a suggestion of the best item on the menu. Locals can always give good recommendations for great spots to eat, after all they know the area like the back of their hand.


Online advice

If your place of accommodation offers wi-fi take advantage of it and check local food bloggers for recommendations and reviews of new openings or local favourites, Yelp and TripAdvisor can also help you narrow down your choices.

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